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Manufacture Strengths

We have built up a modern manufacture workshop and introduced a comprehensive range of manufacture machines.


Raw material
We have established our own casting factory where we conduct the casting, assembling and other processes in an efficient manner. It not only effectively reduces the cost, but also guarantees a timely delivery date. Shown in the picture are the raw materials. They undergo multiple processes and are finally produced into qualified wear plate.

Rough Machining Workshop

Sawing Machine
The sawing machines handle raw materials and product components, preparing for the next finish machining procedure.

Milling Machine
We totally purchased 6 sets of milling machines. Among them, two millers deal with slide and guide components for stamping dies while the rest four machines roughly process cam units. The production efficiency has thus been greatly improved.

Semi-finished slide and guide components and cam units

Drilling Machine
Some area of the cam units is difficult to reach and process for the fine machining machines. In this case, we adopt a radial drilling machine to do drilling and tapping in the area.

Grinding Machine
The two grinding machines are conducting polishing and grinding on the workpiece for two times, leading to a flat and smooth surface.

Testing Instruments
Every piece of component must undergo strict tests when all processes are done. The QA inspector in the picture is measuring the thickness of wear plate, which requires an error of ±0.01mm. For those unqualified products, they will be reprocessed until they reach the high standard set by our engineers. Thanks to the careful and industry-standard quality examination, our high-quality products won the respect and reliance of many customers.

Finish Machining Workshop

In the finish machining workshop, we bought many advanced processing machines from Taiwan, such as vertical processing centers, horizontal processing centers, engraving and milling centers and more. These processing systems carry out series of finish processes on wear plates, cam units and standard as well as non-standard components for dies, with a precision of ±0.01mm.

We own 5 sets of vertical processing centers and use 2 of them to produce slide and guide components for stamping dies. One-time processed and formed, these components meet a high standard in both processing accuracy and specifications. The other 3 vertical processing centers work with 1 horizontal processing center for machining cam units. Moreover, a CNC machine is applied to manufacture counterweight.

The vertical processing center is handling a guide component used in stamping dies.

The engraving and milling center operates chamfering process.

Show here is the horizontal processing center, intended for machining cam units.

Assembly Workshop

When the casting, rough machining and finish machining work is all finished, qualified components will be send into the assembly room for the final manufacture step. Experienced and well-trained workers are hired to put them together. As different materials show different precisions under different environments, the assembly room provides a constant-temperature, constant-humidity and dust-free environment, greatly reducing the error.


The warehouse stores finished wear plates, cam units and other tiny components. Scientifically and orderly placed, all products are easy to find and pick up. Our stock of wear plates is about 200,000 pieces to ensure we can deliver the products on time.

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